Though often described as a physically painful process, tattoos actually possess tremendous healing power. If allowed to, tattoos can offer a cathartic exhale of past emotional pain and stagnant energy – especially in areas of placement. The process of tattooing itself is an energetic exchange between the artist and client.

Salma’s Healing Ink Session intends to make this energetic exchange a conscious and purposeful part of the tattoo session. The session itself will incorporate intuitive energy work in order to discern the best physical placement for your tattoo as well as the imagery chosen. Salma’s intention is not to heal you, that is your own work to fulfill. The session utilizes energy work to pin-point where healing may need to take place on a deeper level.

  • What are you resisting to heal from?
  • What is at the core of your physical symptoms?
  • Where is your energy stagnant?
  • Where does your energy lack restraint?
  • How can this tattoo empower you on your own journey towards healing?

These are some of the questions Salma will explore during your session…

Salma prefers – but is not limited to – utilizing sacred geometrical patterns and ornamental mandalas when designing your tattoo. These motifs hold tremendous healing energy and powerful magic, helping us align with our highest selves in divine connectedness. Unlike Salma’s standard tattoo services, her Healing Ink Session intentionally blends her technical talents and intuitive abilities.


  • Consultation
  • Pre-tattoo 1 hour energy reading
  • Stick n’ poke tattoo
  • Post-tattoo 30 min energy reading


Salma’s Hourly Rate: $30.00/hour – tattoo labor only; $15 non- refundable Consultation Fee and $90 Session Fee


Contact Salma Vir at tattoosandtarot@gmail.com. Please include the following information; your name, what you would like, an image (if possible), and three prospective meeting times (day and time) you can meet for a consultation.

*Salma is currently only taking tattoo consultations in,

  • Albuquerque, NM
  • Santa Fe, NM
  • Taos, NM