As an artist, my main intention is to explore the intersectional dynamics of identity, spiritually and mysticism.

Growing up as a mixed-race African-American and South-Asian Punjabi woman, my work often plays with a combination of narratives and visuals, ranging from vibrant colors, ornamental aesthetics, graffiti and strong feminine archetypes. References to colonialism, racism and sexism make regular appearances. Spirituality is also a strong reoccurring theme within my work as I constantly seek to find the Divine within us and the “us” within the Divine. I particularly enjoy exploring the painful art of human attachment – including attachment to identity. How do we allow these attachments to continually bind us to the ego and keep us from knowing the true self? And how can the very pain of these attachments simultaneously catapult us into the arms of a Higher Power? While we often mistake the spiritual path as a solely “good” or “easy” one, I am more interested in unearthing the not the so good darkness and shadowed corners of spiritual awakening and life experience. What demons arise as we dig into our voids? This humbling recognition of light and dark is where I find my creative voice and greatest growth.

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